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is one of the few specialist stores in Japan that not only sells a wide variety of teddy bears, but also handles repairs, holds classes, and sells materials to make teddy bears. Our store is filled with so many adorable teddy bears that it looks like you’re inside a toy box.

These teddy bears are handmade by artists who have sewn them carefully with love, stitch by stitch, and are one-of-a-kind treasures and symbols of happiness.

Our store provides everyone with beautiful teddy bears they can call their own. Visit us to find your “one and only” teddy bear.

There are several distinguished domestic and overseas awards in the world of teddy bears. Artists from around the globe participate in these contests, where a panel of judges made up of highly respected specialists and popular votes by the public select outstanding pieces in a variety of categories.

At our store, we have many famous and unique teddy bear artists who have received such honors and represent Japan in the teddy bear world.

Teddy Bear Artist

Kuma's House

Harumi Kajihara

2012 GOLDEN GEORGE Categorie 6 “Die Lyra des Engels”

Angel’s Lyre
The lyre is a small harp.
How purifying to hear the clear and beautiful sound of angels playing the lyre!
This is what I imagined when I created this teddy bear.


Hiromi Ngataki

2007 Golden Teddy Award (winner)  “Ocean”

When creating this bear, I made sure that you could feel the warmth from
the blue mohair.


Aiko Kawamoto

2011 Golden Teddy Award(USA) “Momo”

I wanted to create a panda bear that was adorable, so I created one that looked not only real, but also cute. This piece was elaborately crafted, with much time and care put into the details, such as the paw pads, teeth, and nails.


Masaya Sato

2013 Teddy Bear & Friends Artist Set or Vignette TOBY “Noel”

The scene I tried to recreate here is one filled with joy as a baby polar bear, born during the cold, cold winter inside a den in the snow, comes out for the first time into a world of sunshine and ice. The ice in the diorama was created by rolling up newspaper and creating the shape with diorama tape, then covering it with clay, adding color, and pasting on Swarovski crystals to show the sparking of the ice.
The foundation of this piece is filled with a desire to protect polar bears, which are an endangered species.

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